Treasury Management

Reconcilement Services


Account reconcilement services reconcile your accounts through more timely delivery of data.

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  • Full Reconcilement
  • Partial Reconcilement
  • Deposit Reconcilement


  • Automates reconciliation for high volume accounts
  • Creates efficiencies and provides greater control
  • Reduces administrative time and processing costs
  • Monitors disbursements and/or keeps track of outstanding items
  • Provides online viewing of check images and reconcilement reports


Full Reconcilement offers complete reporting of all check/debit and deposit/credit transactions paid against your account during the reconcilement period.

  • You forward the bank an electronic file with the check numbers, date issued, and corresponding dollar amounts of all checks issued during your most recent accounting cycle.
  • The bank compares your issued check information to check clearing and other transaction activity on your account.
  • Reports provided:
    - Paid check listing – checks in serial number sequence
    - Outstanding check listing – all outstanding checks
    - Miscellaneous debits/credits and registers
    - Exceptions, voids and stop payments listing
  • Reports are provided electronically in a format compatible with your accounting system, including a secure internet file transfer option.

Partial Reconcilement offers complete reporting of all checks/debits paid against your account during the reconcilement period.

  • At the end of the statement period, paid checks and account debits are balanced to your deposit account statement.
  • The bank delivers an electronic check paid report or data transmission of checks paid.
  • Reports are produced listing checks in serial-number order and delivered electronically.

Deposit Reconcilement provides control over a high volume of deposits from different locations.

  • A serial number is required in the MICR line of deposit tickets. This serial number is used to track and subtotal deposits.
  • The bank will provide a list of deposits made to the account sorted by the assigned serial number.